What is lingoto?

lingoto is a specialized e-learning platform designed for both individuals and companies seeking to enhance their English proficiency.

The name Lingoto derives from "lingua one to one," a primary pillar on which the platform is built. It emphasizes personalized and individualized language learning experiences.

What makes lingoto lingoto?

Fluency-focused 27 minutes clases with dedicated teachers that you can book whenever you want. Courses tailored to perfectly fit your unique needs with engaging activities.


  • One-on-one classes

  • Courses to suit your needs

  • Fluency focused

  • Tailored experience


  • Book classes at your convenience

  • Cancel booking freely

  • Manage schedule

  • Pc, laptop or mobile


  • Learn & play with quizzes

  • Engaging activities

  • Active participation

  • Progress board & points

How it works

lingoto in
4 steps

As simple as a three-step melody!
Choose the perfect course, schedule your class, immerse yourself in the learning experience.


Choose course

Choose the perfect micro course for your needs, from tourism and social life to leadership and HR management.


Book class

With 24/7 flexibility, classes are available seven days a week to cater to each student’s preferences.


Take class

27 minutes conversation with dedicated a teacher to target vocabulary, expressions and pronunciations of the chosen topic.



Check your progress and continue learning after the class with quizzes, tests, listening and reading.


Choose the perfect course for your needs

Choose courses tailored to your interests. Six exciting classes for each course, creating a dynamic and enriching learning experience.
Don't forget the grand finale - a comprehensive recap session to revise and reinforce all the course topics

Give lingoto a try, for free

  • First lesson free

  • No credit card required

  • No commitment

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