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Improvement in two weeks

87% of our students report fluency improvement in two weeks.


Teachers rating

Students rated our teachers at 4.95 out of 5 stars.


Activities rating

The overall rating for all the activities conducted was 4.85 stars.


Topics rating

The topics received an average rating of 4.9 stars from the students.


+1 course bought

84% of students bought another course after their first one.

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We hate hidden fees to so what you see is what you get. Choose how many courses you want to purchase and select the courses later.

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36 lessons

6 courses


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Total price: €362.52
  • First lesson free

  • No credit card required

  • No commitment

  • Focuses on you

    One on one lessons

    Topic conversation of 27 minutes with dedicated teachers with target vocabulary, expressions and pronunciations.

  • On your schedule

    Flexible for busy people

    Book classes at your convenience. Something came up? Cancel booking freely two hours in advance.

  • Tailored to your lifestyle

    Courses to fit your needs

    Customized courses for your interests, with six dynamic classes for an enriching learning experience.

How it works

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Choose the perfect course, schedule your class, immerse yourself in the learning experience.


Choose course

Choose the perfect micro course for your needs, from tourism and social life to leadership and HR management.


Book class

With 24/7 flexibility, classes are available seven days a week to cater to each student’s preferences.


Take class

27 minutes conversation with dedicated a teacher to target vocabulary, expressions and pronunciations of the chosen topic.



Check your progress and continue learning after the class with quizzes, tests, listening and reading.



Jona’s goal was to become fluent in English without being afraid of making mistakes. Now, she feels confident when communicating with her clients.

Why read from us?

Listen to our students' voices

Jona Mema

  • Business English

  • 2 months

  • 14 micro courses

Jonas aimed to achieve fluency in English, particularly to boost confidence in business meetings, free from the fear of making errors. Her result after two months:

  • Confidence while speaking to clients

  • Fluency in her daily meetings

  • Expanded vocabulary in her working field

Now, she feels confident when communicating with her clients.

Frequently asked questions

Browse through our frequently asked questions to find answers.

  • The classes are 27 minutes in duration as it allows for a more precise and efficient use of time. This specific duration might have been chosen to fit into a particular schedule, accommodate breaks between classes, or optimize learning outcomes within a shorter timeframe.

  • You, as long as you cancel it at least two hours before the scheduled start time. After you cancel it, the class will become available and you can book it again at your convenient time.

  • After your class concludes, you have the option to take a quiz to assess your understanding, or you can engage in reading or listening to exercises to assess your knowledge. In the case of a recap class, there will be a test to complete.

  • The teachers enjoy the same level of flexibility as the students. Based on their availability, the app will automatically select from the pool of available teachers when you book a session.

  • Class notes consist of feedback from the teacher regarding your errors, vocabulary usage, pronunciation, and grammar. These notes may be in the form of audio messages or text and are accessible even after the class has concluded.

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